Sunday, August 11, 2013

1. Grab a tissue. 2. Read this.

Hi to all my teacher friends in blogging land and maybe some of you who I really know in real life! As we get back to our routines and our school years begin again, remember above all else to love the heck outta your kiddos first and foremost. Even those kids who drive you nuts, the ones who have no filter and let the most random things fly out of their mouths, the kids who talk back...basically just picture the kid who you had the most difficult time with in the past. Yes, that kid. Love that kid.

Need some help getting there? Meet a truly amazing teacher:

Our work is so important, but before we can get to publishing memoirs, or solving for x, or guided reading, we must, above all else, show our kiddos how much we really care about them. Do that first, and then watch as your kids take amazing risks for you all year long.

Thanks to my bff Katie for sharing this video.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Michelle. What a cool story..and a challenging one too! It's so true that it's when we start building meaningful relationships with our students that they begin to invest themselves in what we are doing in the classroom; thanks for the reminder!


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