Sunday, January 5, 2014

Take that, campus bookstore!

I just finished my first semester at Northeastern where I'm working on my Principal's Endorsement. Last semester I had a class about the theory of educational administration and I had to buy this awful book:

It's just so dense and full of lots of theories and guys like Maxwell Something-or-Another. That, and we worked on the theories in this book all semester, and then had an essay exam on the other book.

But, I digress.

Anyways, this book cost $146 when I bought it. Guess how much the bookstore wanted to give me when I went in to sell it back? $100? No. $75? No. (btw - prior to walking in that store, I decided that was the least amount I would take.) $65? Still no.

They would only give me $55 back.

Well, this chick thought they were barking up the wrong tree, so I told them that I would go ahead and keep it. I came home and looked up how to sell books online and made my way to where I listed it for $140, $15 cheaper than anyone else who was selling it. I came to find out that Amazon would take a commission, but even with their $20, I would still make $120 on it. I just had to wait for it to sell.

I listed it on Friday, and it sold today. Boom.

I will not be robbed by campus bookstores! We're just college kids teachers, after all!

After that exchange, I thought I would look and see what books I'd have the pleasure of reading this semester. Something on Human Resources and Managing People, something about Qualatitive and Quantative Research. Yawn.

Then I thought I should at least take a gander at the books in the Literacy section...that wouldn't be being unfaithful to my new degree, would it? Just a quick look wouldn't hurt anyone....right?

 Jerry John's BRI? Love it!

Words Their Way? Own it!

Pathways to the Common Core? Winning!

All I wanted to do was look at all those books all over again. And buy the ones I don't have. But I didn't.

Which got me to thinking: Should I really be doing a principal's endorsement? I mean, I'm not even sure that's ever something I want to do. I love curriculum and teaching and classroom management and building relationships with kids and my colleagues. Evaluating teachers and figuring out budgets and management - doesn't get me all excited. But then I'm back at the point of having the time and energy to do it just in I should continue, right?

Anyways, that's my story about the book and how I outsmarted the book store. Today was also good because I had another sale, but on Teachers Pay Teachers. And we got a snow day tomorrow. Here's my block:

And it just won't. stop. snowing. Tomorrow's high is -9 but when you factor in wind chill, it might be as cold as 35-45 degrees below zero! I will be in full hibernation mode, for sure.

Meanwhile, my best friend who lives in Southern California enjoyed a day at the beach with her kiddos and hubs:

Her kids were swimming today. SWIMMING!!

Anyways, hope you had a great Christmas break and that it's extended a day if you're in the Chicagoland area!

Stay warm and sell your books on Amazon!


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