Tuesday, March 28, 2017

life is beautiful post

I hope you loved Life is Beautiful! It's one of my favorite movies to share when we study the Holocaust.

Life is Beautiful is just one way that one director thought to portray the Holocaust. How is this version similar to and different from the pictures, videos, poems and other articles we have read about the Holocaust?

Write a blog post that compares and contrasts Life is Beautiful and the other things we've read (pictures we read, videos we have already seen, Butterfly Poems, and the Rise of Hitler Article).

Be sure to say what was similar about Life is Beautiful and the other sources.

Then, tell how Life is Beautiful and the other sources are different.

Organize your blog post into four parts, using these sentence frames to guide your work:

Part 1: In the movie Life is Beautiful, there were many examples of a beautiful life. They include... (give at least three examples and elaborate on each.)

Part 2:  Life is Beautiful and ___ (another source) are similar in ___ way because they both... (Give at least three examples of similarities and elaborate on each.)

Part 3: Life is Beautiful and ___ are different in these ways...
Life is Beautiful portrays ___ in this way....
____ (the other source) portrays ___ in this way...
(Tell at least two differences and elaborate on each.)

Each paragraph needs evidence and elaboration! Be sure to read your work and make sure it makes sense.


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