Thursday, March 2, 2017

sol17 #2: will smith props

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There I was, teaching about the Slice of Life. It was a few days before the challenge was to begin and so I was happily showing kids this video that another student created about the Slice of Life. More than likely I was boppin around the front of the room, and after, reminded the kids that even though I didn't want them to do the Slice of Life for prizes, there would be some Falcon Dollars, some notebooks and pens, and a few books raffled off those who participated in and completed the Slice of Life.

All of a sudden a loud rumble-laugh-thing came from the back of the room.

"J, seriously? Can you raise your hand if you wanted to say something and not disrupt?" I was feeling a little short-tempered as I spat out that request, immediately feeling a bit bad about it and then he replied, "I'm just so excited!"

My face softened and a smile formed at the edges of my lips. I threw my arms forward kinda like Will Smith below, as if his wife were J's comment:

"I'm sorry J, I do love that you're so excited! That's the best! But really, just raise your hand so we can all hear exactly what you want to say."

Of course then he didn't want to share anymore.

Looking back, I guess it's just a good reminder to be patient in these moments. We never know what our kiddos are thinking!

I do know I am super stoked he was that excited for Slice of Life. Prizes or not, he's going to learn what it feels like to be a writer.

Hey kiddos! You finished the first day, I'm so proud of you! Here's an idea for tonight's blog - introduce yourself to others who might not know you! You can use this template if you want to:

Remember the padlet will be continually updated, add an idea if you have one! And you can always do some work on the Quick Writing we did in class today!

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