Friday, March 3, 2017

sol17 #3: i donut know how I live so far from my mom

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I was cruising around the Two Writing Teachers blog a few days ago and somewhere I saw a blog post saying that someone made their One Word donut. Sitting at my computer there, in that moment all by myself, I smiled a big smile, because... donuts.

I haven't always loved donuts so much. I mean, growing up, sometimes my mom would bring me a Dunkin Donut - the kind with the chocolate mouse (mouse! ha! I mean mousse) in it, and it was delicious and I loved it. But as I grew up, Dunkin lost their appeal, so I kinda stopped enjoying donuts altogether.

But then I found Stan's.

Stan's Donuts is my favorite place to get a donut in Chicago. And I always just want the most basic - chocolate cake donut with sprinkles, like the one pictured above I had last Sunday. Now, the only thing sweet about Dunkin is the memory of my mom, and how I miss her so. Perhaps I'll see if Stans's has a chocolate mouse mousse donut and erase Dunkin from my memories for good... except I'd just have to have my mom make a visit to complete the ritual. So, momma, what do you say?

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  9. It's funny how little things become memory-joggers of those we love. I smiled when I read how a donut brought back memories of your mom. Thanks for the slice.

  10. Donut is a way more fun than flourish or abundance! Why didn't we think of that?

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