Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Not quite Farley's but fun nevertheless!

Making - awesome plans for my Goddaughter who comes for a week tomorrow!

Cooking - sure my dad will be cooking something awesome when I visit him this weekend

Drinking - Coke, delicious but so bad for you

Reading - What the Lady Wants (still......) and thinking about reading the other books on my list but not reading as much as I should be

Wanting - to travel the world with my favorite people

Looking - forward to a week with a teenager of my own!

Wasting - easy days of summer vacation being so so lazy

Sewing - I am not a person who sews.

Wishing - I could spend more money on things like clothes and shoes

Enjoying - binging on shows like Friday Night Lights and The Leftovers

Waiting - on my next trip to see a new city

Liking - the warm weather, especially when it's a little cool, enough to sleep with the windows open

Wondering - when I'm going to get some energy to get some reading and work done this summer

Loving - Summer Michelle who sleeps in as long as she wants, takes a leisurely stroll to yoga, and has lunch with friends

Hoping - next school year is a little lighter than last

Needing - to eat better the next few days

Smelling - grapefruit of Arbonne's Spa line that I've tried today (It's amazing.)

Wearing - pajamas, the best!

Following - friends adventures on social media

Noticing - that in summer I'm so unproductive and...

Marveling - at how much I get done on any given day during the school year

Knowing - I need to be much more productive than I have been lately

Thinking - about school supplies and also that it's tooooo early!

Feeling - restless

Bookmarking - pretty dresses

Giggling - at the thread of messages with my best friends

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  1. So I feel like I'm posting on the wrong day, but I not really since I am posting a form of "Currently."
    School supplies-- YES! and NO! I LOVE school supplies! So it makes me happy. But just no. It is not time yet!

  2. I'm currently avoiding cleaning by blogging. :)

  3. I'm Loving my summer self. Some days are full of productive activity that is refreshing, other days are full of refreshing sitting and "being."
    Happy week!!!!


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