Tuesday, March 13, 2018

sol #13: go go falcon players

Yesterday and today have been volleyball playoffs, and both JV and Varsity did so well, we're so proud of them. Today, I was doing record keeping for the Varsity matchups and the kids are just so funny.

Picture this: About to do the setter swap-a-roo to get in front row middle, one of the kiddos was waiting off to the side, ready to run to the middle upon serve. Serve went great, sailed through the air, over the net, and the back row on our team received it easily. You would usually envision the receiver popping it up high, so the setter could set up a strategic hit, but that's not what happened. Receiver got there, and bumped it, but a low bump, straight forward toward the net, but so low. It was right in that moment that the setter reached her spot, facing the other team, and was hit in the back with the volleyball.

As this happens, the bench starts singing, "Go go falcon players," a la power rangers.

It was so funny! My writing isn't making it translate right, but I'm too tired to spend any more time revising this now, but maybe the volleyball players will leave a few comments with a little more description to help me out :-)

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