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This page will hold information pertaining to my 7th-8th grade English Language Arts class, including weekly blogging assignments and blogging buddies.

Meet Ms. Brezek's Bloggers:

Third Quarter Blogs
Please use your checklist each week to make sure you complete all aspects of your blog!

All of March 2017

  • Two Slice of Life blog posts

Week 5: February 20: Short week, just one post

  • Slice of Life

Week 4: February 13

  • Free Choice
  • "What I'm Loving" - In honor of Valentine's Day, please write a post about all the things you are currently loving. It will be like a list, but should have a little description for each item on the list, and pictures, too! Check out a few examples here, here, and here.

Week 3: February 6
  • Free Choice
  • Poetry blog - Pick one of the poems we read the past few weeks. Put a screen shot of the poem in your blog post (you can find the poems in Schoology.) Then, pick one, two, or three of the prompts below to share ideas about the poem:
    • My first thought about this poem was... but then I thought...
    • This poem is mostly about...
    • The poet is saying that...
    • I can relate to this poem because...
    • This poem reminds me of...
    • This poem makes me feel...
    • I like/dislike this poem because...
    • This poem stands out to me because...
    • Some words/phrases I really like are... because...
    • If I were going to write a poem like this one, I'd write it about...
  • If you finish a book this week, do not write about the poem, write a blog about your book instead. Make sure you include a picture of the cover of your book. Use the label "Books."
Week 2: January 30
  • Free choice blog
  • Advice Post - Choose one
    • What is the best advice you've ever given?
    • What is the best advice you've ever gotten?
    • What advice do you have for our new President?
  • If you finish a book this week, write a book blog instead of your free choice post.

Week 1: January 23
  • Free choice blog
  • Quotes - Pick a favorite quote - maybe find a picture of it by googling it and include that one your blog. Then, tell why it's your favorite. Feel free to write about two or three quotes so you can hit 100 words.
  • If you finish a book this week, write a post about your book instead of the post about the quotes

HMS Blogging Partners
Luis M & Luis F
Nicholas & Jose
Marisol & Quenese
Gina & Arlen
Ronaldo & Adrian
Kyla & Julia
Angel & Marco
Peter & Leslie

Blogging Buddies

OJH Blogging Partners
Arlen & Kristina
Gina & Gina
Jose & Giana
Julia & Matt
Kyla & David
Leslie & Jonathan
Luis M & Jayden
Marisol & Jack
Nicholas & Abdullah
Peter & Aseel
Ronaldo & Erdi
Quenese & Albara

FMS Blogging Partners
Adrian & Christian
Angel & Gisselle
Arlen & Stephanie
Gina & Jackie
Jose & Enrique
Julia & Michael
Kyla & Alexa
Luis F & Angel
Luis M & Sanaa
Leslie & Devin
Marco & Jacob
Marisol & Destiny
Nicholas & Alisa
Peter & Nessa
Quenese & Tanya
Ronaldo & Xitalli


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